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OnPoint Retail POS is solid retail system to beat the challenges of today’s retail pos environment. Sell from PC or Retail Tablet with OnPoint POS works on Microsoft Windows due to the hardware performance and the POS Hardware available. Android and IOS hardware is not that readily available. OnPoint Retail POS can printed invoices or send electronic receipts. Give the receipt to customers in a way they prefer: printed or sent to an email. Multiple payment methods. Whether it’s cash or card, integrated or not, or any combination of them – you will have a choice. Customers can pay the way it’s more convenient.

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OnPoint Retail


Apply discounts to the receipt or specific items.


Refund the selected item or all items on the receipt.

Item variants

Condense the list of items, simplifying their creation and management. Useful if some products come in multiple versions like different sizes or colors.

Cash management

Track cash movement to reduce mistakes and staff manipulation.

Easy scanning

With different bar code settings it becomes easy to read any bar code of a product that needs to be scanned. StorePoint POS also offers multiple bar codes in order to assign several bar codes to one product.

Work offline

Make sales with weak or unstable internet. All data will be automatically synced once connection is restored. Automated cloud backup and POS updates.

Benefits of cloud POS
Benefits of Cloud POS

Hardware Supported hardware

Unless like other POS solutions, OnPoint POS Software offers receipt printer (USB, Ethernet or Bluetooth). Bar code scanner (Bluetooth or USB). Cash drawer. Label Printer is also standard and no need to buy expensive label printers like the Dymo Label Writer 450. Which is expensive and which bar code labels are equally expensive.

Multiple locations

Manage multiple stores under one account. Track your sales, inventory, employees and customers — everything you need to know in one place.

Inventory Management Items import. Quickly add thousands of items using the CSV-spreadsheets. Stock could be linked according to pack sizes or combined items. Track inventory Track the stock of products and their components. Low stock notifications Receive daily notifications about low stock to make the necessary item orders in time. Purchase orders Plan purchases, export records to suppliers, track stock receipts and manage vendor relationships. Transfer orders Easily create transfer orders and move stock between your stores. Stock adjustments Decrease stock levels for damages and loss. Inventory counts Perform full or partial stock takes with a bar code scanner or manually. Production Track stock of items produced out of ingredients. Label printing Print bar code labels to effortlessly add items to sales, purchase orders or inventory counts. Inventory history Gain insights into the flow of your inventory by viewing adjustment log. Inventory valuation report View report on the cost and potential profit of your inventory

Employee Management

Track sales made by employees and make informed decisions. Reports tracks every transaction a user make on StorePoint POS. Reports would assist in spreading the workload and managing of shifts. Role based security ensures you control access to your information.

Sales Analytics

Through experience we know which reports are important for retailers. Sales could be tracked and compared to previous periods or to make estimates for the future. Sales by item analytics allows the best-selling items to be determined and therefore the right purchasing decisions can be made. Shifts reports identify the cash lack at the end of the shift and track employees inaccuracy or manipulations. Receipts history review allows you to monitor each transaction: sales, refunds, discounts. Browse VAT reports on the tax amount needed to be paid and save time for their calculation. Reports export sales data to Excel, PDF and HTML for detailed analysis.

Loyalty Program

Customers database. Analyze the number of visits and the customer purchases amount, to identify your most loyal customers. Points reward program. Motivate customers to make recurring purchases, awarding them bonus points.

Customer Communication

Customer display system to display order information to your customers on a separate digital display simultaneously with the sale process.


24/7 live chat support. Skip the queue on our live chat support. Our dedicated team is there for you 24/7. Help Center. Find answers to your questions, learn how to use OnPoint retail POS software. OnPoint POS Help Center is a powerful knowledge base.

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